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November 30, 2015

Aloha, Where do I even begin!  Zack & Cat are such a gorgeous couple and it was a pleasure to work with them on this Styled Boho Wedding concept I had brewing from the moment I found out we were moving to Hawaii.  We traveled to the North Shore to make all this magic happen, the weather was amazing and the light, OMG the light was super dreamy.  The session was styled by myself, Hair and Make-up from the very talented Theresa Gilliland of Divine Beautease.  I also worked with a wonderful cake baker/owner Lisa with The Cake Specialist who is amazing at what she does.  All the floral was from AFlora and they turned out so beautiful.

As I finally roll out with my new branding, I knew something big had to change.  I wanted my clients to be able to hold and feel their final product.  Would you rather get digital files that will more than likely stay on that disk collecting dust, or would you rather have timeless heirlooms that you can hang on your walls?  I am so guilty of this, I had so many digital pictures of my own family that just sat there for years.  I finally had beautiful canvases and custom albums made so now when my children grow up they will have these images and beautiful memories.

As an adult, I love that I have all these old pictures from my own childhood of myself, my siblings and my parents.  Could you imagine if they were stored some other way back in the day and in the new age we didn't have access to view those images anymore.  Same with digitals, who's to say that technology wont change and there is no way to view those digital images anymore. 

Photography is a big investment, but it is an investment that is well worth every penny.  With this experience with me, you will be able to have these memories last forever that you can pass down to your children and them to their children.

I am so excited to now offer custom prints and products to my clients.   Around two weeks after your session, we will meet up again for your personal viewing of your images and a custom slideshow just for you.  At your viewing session we will go over products where you will customize a package that will best fit your budget.

Nick & Ashlynn

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding/bridal shoot out hosted by the very talented Jasmin of New Wave Photography.  She did an amazing job putting this together and getting two stunning models to bring it all together and have her vision shine through.   This was Nick's very first time to model and I have to say he knocked it out of the park, is he a looker or what?  Ashlynn was a breath of fresh air, she is simply beautiful and rocked it.    I will be doing more couples sessions as I head into my rebrand so this was an awesome experience to be able to attending this shoot out.   Big Thanks to again to Jasmin for hosting!

Jennifer - Maternity

I can't not even begin to tell you how much I loved this maternity session, everything was perfect from the Gorgeous Jennifer to the light and amazing sunset.  She absolutely rocked this session and it was so much fun working with her to capture this precious moment.  Jennifer never had maternity pictures done with her first child so how amazing this must have felt for her to be able to have these memories with this one.   There is nothing more beautiful than pregnancy and everything that comes with it. (well almost everything) I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do and as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Baby C

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea for her Maternity Session which she rocked it.  Now I got to meet her handsome little man Cameron.  I love when I get to cuddle these perfect little blessings.  Cameron was so good for me and boy can he smile.  Every time he was about to fall asleep he was happy happy thoughts and show off such a big smile.  I am so honored that I got to spend my Saturday with Andrea and her little bundle of joy, Cameron. 

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